2022 - ? Pink vs. Brown

Tournament Stats: Best 2 of 3
CourseLake ArborApplewood
Winning TeamBrownPink
Score10 - 67.5 - 6.5
Pink: A Player Average81.3882.36
Brown: A Player Average81.8880.43
A player Delta0.50 strokes1.93 strokes
Pink: B Player Average91.3195.64
Brown: B Player Average90.9495.07
B Player Delta0.380.57 strokes
Pink: Total Team Average86.3489.00
Brown: Total Team Average86.4187.75
Overall Delta.07 strokes1.25 strokes

2020 - 2021 Spackler vs. Noonan

Tournament Stats: Best 2 of 3
CourseLake ArborApplewood
Winning TeamSpacklerSpackler
Score17 - 138 - 6
Spackler: A Player Average82.2082.64
Noonan: A Player Average82.1383.43
A player Delta0.07 strokes0.79 strokes
Spackler: B Player Average92.2095.07
Noonan: B Player Average92.5395.21
B Player Delta0.33 strokes0.14 strokes
Spackler: Total Team Average86.7188.86
Noonan: Total Team Average86.3289.32
Overall Delta0.39 stroke0.46 strokes

2018 - 2019 Grip It vs. Rip It

Tournament Stats: Best 2 of 3
CourseApplewoodPark Hill
Winning TeamGrip ItGrip It
Score10 - 48.5 - 3.5
Grip It: A Player Average83.2180.33
Rip It: A Player Average84.2180.42
A player Delta1 stroke0.08 strokes
Grip It: B Player Average92.5787.75
Rip It: B Player Average95.4391.58
B Player Delta2.86 strokes3.83 strokes
Grip It: Total Team Average87.8984.04
Rip It: Total Team Average89.9286.00
Overall Delta1.93 strokes1.96 strokes

2016 - 2017 Shank vs. Chili Dip

Tournament Stats : Best 2 of 3
CoursePark HillWest Woods
Winning TeamShankShank
Score8.5 - 4.59 - 5
Shank: A Player Average81.9285.36
Chili Dip: A Player Average82.7781.36
A Player Delta0.85 strokes4 strokes
Shank: B Player Average90.3192.50
Chili Dip: B Player Average92.1594.43
B Player Delta1.84 strokes1.93 strokes
Shank: Total Team Average86.1288.93
Chili Dip: Total Team Average87.4687.89
Overall Delta1.35 strokes1.04 strokes

2014 - 2015 Orange vs. Blue

Tournament Stats : Best 3 of 5
CoursePark HillWillis Case
Winning TeamBlueBlue
Score9 - 38.5 - 4.5
Orange: A Player Average83.0885.46
Blue: A Player Average82.3384.69
A Player Delta0.75 strokes0.77 strokes
Orange: B Player Average94.25101.77
Blue: B Player Average93.0098.77
B Player Delta1.25 strokes3 strokes
Orange: Total Team Average88.6793.62
Blue: Total Team Average87.6791.73
Overall Delta1 stroke1.88 strokes

2009 - 2013 Duff vs. Hack

Tournament Stats : Best 3 of 5
CourseHyland HillsPark HillLake ArborIndian TreeApplewood
Winning TeamHackHackHackDuffDuff
Score6 - 56 - 37 - 46.5 - 4.55 - 4
Duff: A Player Average90.2786.6782.9186.4584.89
Hack: A Player Average92.4587.3387.7391.7384.56
A Player Delta2.18 strokes0.66 strokes4.82 strokes5.28 strokes0.33 strokes
Duff: B Player Average105.64101.0099.7399.36103.33
Hack: B Player Average104.3696.5698.00106.64107.33
B Player Delta1.28 strokes4.44 strokes1.73 strokes7.28 strokes4 strokes
Duff: Total Team Average97.9593.8391.3292.9194.11
Hack: Total Team Average98.4191.9492.8699.1895.94
Overall Delta0.45 strokes1.89 strokes1.54 strokes6.27 strokes1.83 strokes

2004 - 2008 Poo vs. Goo

Tournament Stats : Best 3 of 5
CourseApplewoodApplewoodPark HillLake ArborPark Hill
Score6.5 - 2.54.5 - 3.54.5 - 3.54 - 24 - 1
Poo: A Player Average86.6787.0087.50
Goo: A Player Average90.6785.8886.13
A Player Delta4 strokes1.12 strokes1.37 strokes
Poo: B Player Average102.3397.57103.75
Goo: B Player Average103.0097.29102.50
B Player Delta0.67 strokes0.28 strokes1.25 strokes
Poo: Total Team average94.5092.2995.63
Goo: Total Team Average96.8391.5894.31
Overall Delta2.33 strokes0.71 strokes1.31 strokes
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