If you do not own your team, you have the right to purchase half of your team from the owner. The deal must be made before tee-off on Saturday morning.

The owner of the lowest scoring twosome will win the pot. Payouts from all deals made will be made from the winning owner…meaning, I will not be divvying up money, the owner who wins will payout all deals.

TwosomeOwnerWinning BidPaidTotal Pot
TJ Inslee
Justin Winburn
Justin Winburn$13Y$697
Rick Bergren
Matt Maydew
Matt Maydew$11
Andy Morgan
Joe Brougham
Justin Winburn$12Y
Kevin Williams
Brandon Allen
Kevin Williams$20Y
Mike Castillo
DJ Ursetta
DJ Ursetta$15
Zach Hensley
Santiago Vigil
Jon Luciano$5Y
Brad Weber
Greg Patterson
DJ Ursetta$3
Casey David
Beau Webb
Beau Webb$50Y
Jeff Cooley
Tommy Skul
Tommy Skul$85Y
Rocco DeLorenzo
Phil DeLorenzo
Rocco DeLorenzo$25
Will Naas
Tim Downs
Tommy Skul$15Y
Bryan Archuleta
Chuck Runge
Bryan Archulets$6Y
Steve Ainsworth
Graig Crawford
Lance Perez$2
Sean Hart
Michael Peppel
Michael Peppel$14Y
Zach Suer
Brian Peppel
Bryan Archuleta$13Y
Zachary Skul
Brodie Liberato
Zachary Skul$1
Kieran Walsh
Matt Palermo
Jon Luciano$1Y
Gary Charbonnier
Chris Nelson
Gary Charbonnier$5Y
Lance Perez
Mike Quigley
Lance Perez$17
David Skul
Jeff Meyer
David Skul$20
Dave Suer
Kevin Petty
Beau Webb$5Y
Aaron Halpin
Jason Von Feldt
Lance Perez$95
Jon Luciano
Sean Miller
Jon Luciano$125Y
Alex Marmitt
Alex Osterle
Sean Hart$6
Curtis Schneider
Ryan Whitford
Sean Hart$1
Kip Mortensen
Mike Shafer
Caleb Joseph
Jerome DeFelice
Kevin Williams$100Y
Joe Burke
Brian Keesling
Kevin Williams$22Y
Matt Suer
Ben Morgan
DJ Ursetta$2
Total per ownerPaid?
Bryan Archuleta$19Y
Beau Webb$55Y
Gary Charbonnier$5Y
DJ Ursetta$20
Jon Luciano$131Y
Justin Winburn$25Y
Lance Perez$114
Matt Maydew$11Y
Michael Peppel$14Y
David Skul$20
Brian Peppel$8
Rocco DeLorenzo$25
Sean Hart$7
Tommy Skul$100Y
Kevin Williams$142Y
Zachary Skul$1
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